Critique of Alyssa’s Image Assignment

For this week’s blog, I will be critiquing Alyssa’s image assignment, seen here. As you can see, there’s really not much to critique, it’s all very well done! First off, I really like the web page itself. It’s very compact and has a great color combination. The use of purple text contrasts nicely against the background,  and the text itself has a historic feel to it. Now, on to the images.

(From this point on, I will be addressing Alyssa) I appreciated that you broke it down into several sections making specific alterations to various images. That made it very easy to know what changed. The first section starts with a restored photograph. Unfortunately, the photoshop restoration appears to have a broken link, so I was not able to see the changes. I’m sure once you check that out, you’ll be able to insert a working link. As for the second image, it is very well done. The dust and scratches were completely removed. I am impressed by the removal of the stains at the top. Those seem like they could require more work than a simple click of the spot healing brush. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I didn’t see any text that explained the techniques used to fix this image. Your text describes the capitol building, but that has the broken link. Whatever you did certainly worked out very well. I really like the way you lightened the entire photo. This makes it much clearer and is a good alternative to colorizing the whole thing. That being said, one suggestion I have would be to see some color added. Not the whole thing, but maybe just the sky to add some additional colorization.

The section on vignetting was very well done. I’m glad you put the images side by side for this one because you made some serious changes. The statue is perfectly centered, and the fade around the image looks very nice. The best part of this photo manipulation was your ability to remove the text and edges of the original photo. In the vignetted image, it seems like the statue is even bigger and really stands out. You’ve illustrated a great way to highlight a specific part of an image. You also included a concise description of what you’ve done here. That was actually very helpful to me, because I used that as a guideline for working on my own vignette. I tried a different way, so it was good to see an alternative that achieved such solid results.

The last section on the engraving was once again very good. You’ve done a great job straightening the headline. By making the background so much lighter you effectively removed the most damaged part of the image. Although the title is still smudged, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was. And I actually think that looks good because it shows that this is a very old image. I’m glad that you decided to use such a damaged newspaper print, because that seems like a common problem that historians using Photoshop will encounter. It’s good to see that not all images can be completely restored.

Overall, the images are expertly manipulated to achieve your desired results. Of the few suggestions I have, one is to add some color to the vignetting and restored photos. Perhaps that’s what you had in mind for the first image, but it just didn’t show up. Although colorizing is very time consuming, it can have some really great effects. In your vignetted image, I can see the white square background. I think it could be even better to use your site’s background color as the color fill layer in Photoshop. That way there wouldn’t be a noticeable whiteness behind the image. Lastly, I viewed this page on a few browsers and it lags a bit. When I tried to scroll up and down I found my computer stalling, so my guess was that the image size or type might contribute to that.

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